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"Jaago" Movie Cast Crew and Synopsis..


"JAAGO" is the first sports based movie in Bangladesh where we will see the rise of an under dog football team from comilla named AZAD BOYS. It is a story of few boys and how they will turn into men from boys cause they dare to dream.

Movie Name
“JAAGO” (Ostitte Amar Desh)

Directed By:

Screenplay By:

Produced By:
Sharjeel Karim & Adnan Karim

Release Date: 15/01/10
Mid, January, 2010

Thriller, A sports (football) based patriotic film

Interspeed Productions and Sufia Pictures


  1. Afsan Ara Bindu.
  2. Ferdous.
  3. Jatika Jyoti.
  4. Arefeen Shuvo.
  5. Tarek Anam Khan.
  6. Rawnok Hasan Naim.
and lots of new faces.


JAAGO is the first sports (football) based patriotic film in Bangladesh. The story is about a group of guys (Azad Boys) from a small town of Bangladesh (Comilla) who stands up and plays two important matches against Tripura 11 who are the state level champion in India. It’s about how they rise, their dreams, how they face the challenges in front of them regardless of their limitations and not to mention about their individual lives. 

Jaago Pothey Pothey Choltey Choltey

In that journey to become men from boys we as audience will ride the journey never seen before in the celluloid history of Bangladesh. In short JAAGO is about us as a nation which can do wonder if Patriotism, Discipline and Right Leadership fall in the right place. It will teach us once again - if we dare to dream we can.


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