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 Photo: Five condemned killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were hanged early today at Dhaka Central Jail amid tight security. Mohiuddin Ahmed (artillery) was first to be executed at 12:05am and then four others walked to the gallows one after another.Four others are Maj (retd) Bazlul Huda, Lt Col (retd) Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan, Syed Farooq Rahman and Maj (retd) AKM Mohiuddin (lancer). Tight security measures have been taken in and around Dhaka Central Jail over the executions. A large number of law enforcement agency members including RAB and police were deployed. Dhaka, Bangladesh. January 28, 2010.

Bangladeshi nation has finally had sigh of relief that the verdict of the Supreme Court of the self confessed killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the undisputed father of the nation has been executed.

5 of the 12 convicted killers were executed at Dhaka Central Jail last night, one already died abroad, 6 others are hiding. Nation could finally wipe off its curse. Bangladesh from rule of Jungle returned to rule of law.

The person who dedicated his entire life fighting for legitimate rights of the helpless Bangladeshis, person who spent most of his glorious youth behind the bar fighting for the autonomy, democratic rights of the downtrodden Bangladeshis, the person who could successfully motivate peace loving nation to resist and fight one of the strongest army to liberate the country was brutally murdered by some misguided elements of the armed forces. They proudly announced at home and abroad that they were killers. The cruelest part was that the conspirators, the plotters and the benefiaries passed act in the parliament indemnifying the killers from trial .Military rulers rewarded the killers with lucrative diplomatic assignment, allowed some of them to form political parties. These elements conspired to kill the two living members of Bangabandhu family.

Later Awami League government in 1996-2001 started the trial cancelling indemnity act .It took a long time to formally carry out trial process in civil court. By the time the next government was formed the appeal of the convicted criminals was the final stage of disposal.BNP-Jamat alliance government from 2001-2006 and Care Taker Government in two years did not take any initiative to complete the trial process. Finally PM Hasina led Mahajote Government winning the land slide victory in national election completed the trail process in about a year. 5 of the eleven convicts were executed.6 others absconders hiding abroad will walk the gallows as and when can be brought back from their place of hiding. Finally justice has been meted out to killers of the gruesome murder of Bangabandhu family including innocent women and children.

Photo:Cheering supporters carry a portrait of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman outside the Dhaka central jail on early Thursday as Bangladesh executed five former military officers for their role in the 1975 massacre of the country's independence leader.

There is a saying that justice delayed is justice denied. Nation had to wait 35 years for justice and definitely justice is not denied here. Killing in any form of any one is a condemnable offence. Killers must face justice. But it is unimaginable to even think any civilised nation could keep the self confessed killers of its founder immune from justice passing act in the parliament. The government and the leaders who succeeded Bangabandhu government after 1975 till 1990 must also be brought under judiciary scanner for protecting and rewarding the killers. 

Killing of August 15th 1975 created more killings. 4 main leaders of the liberation war were killed brutally inside Dhaka Central Jail by the same group of the killers. The killer group and the defeated force of 1971 under state sponsorship carried out several killing missions. Many libration war sector commanders, freedom fighters in the army were killed to consolidate power of a so called liberation war front leader- planted agent of ISI from August 1975 till May 1981. Then another cunning fox conspired to kill several birds in the same shot to grab power and make Bangladesh the safe heaven of corruption and autocracy. Civil commotion overthrew the government in 1990.But true democracy could not be established. The beneficiaries of autocrat rule still dominated to propel the country to reverse gear. 

A popular government came to power in 1996 .Indemnity act was cancelled and trail process started. Government initiated massive war plans to rebuild countries economy from the brink. But unfortunately conspirators again conspired and installed their favoured rulers to power again to make Bangladesh safe heaven of corruption, anarchy and terrorism. From 2201- 2006 there was hardly any rule of law. There parallel government misruled the country, State sponsored terrorists carried out deadly grenade attack on opposition rally to kill leader of the opposition at the heart of the capital city in the broad day light. Elected MPs were killed, leading journalists were murdered. Government allowed terrorists of neighbouring countries safe hiding. Bangladesh was used as safe corridor for hauling deadly weapons. Bangladesh for four year in succession earned the ignominy of being the most corrupt country of the world.

Present government with huge mandate came to power in 2008 in a free, fair and neutral election acclaimed by all observers. They could hardly start functioning when another massive conspiracy to destabilise the country and unseat the government was staged through heinous killing at BDR headquarter in Peelkhna. The trail process of BDR carnage is continuing. Government is also proceeding positively to bring 1971 liberation war criminals under trial. All acts of killing and terrorism are set for proper probe and trial. The beneficiaries of all those acts are anxious. They are plotting and conspiring to create b new crisis.

People must remain alert to thwart all new conspiracy. People must stand solidly behind all good endeavours of the government. Government must also realise that people are its solid asset. Government must keep people aware of all its plans and actions. Government must make people aware of its challenges and limitations.
We can now have a sigh of relief that rule of law again has re established in Bangladesh. The killers of the greatest Bangladeshi ever born got punished. Bangladeshis in the committee of nation can again take pride that killers and conspirators in Bangladesh are punished according to the rules of law. We must congratulate the mahajote government for fulfilling yet another of its election pledges.


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